09 DECEMBER 2001



Trans-Energy Research Associates, Inc., is a computer-oriented small corporation specializing in advanced analysis of international energy markets. Our goal is to provide top-quality, cost-effective technical assistance to our clients in areas relevant to strategic planning, competitive positioning, and analytical capability. The majority of our work focuses on hydrocarbons, still by far the world’s dominant commercial energy source. Energy remains a key ingredient for global economic activity and growth. Our expertise is comprehensive and integrative in nature, creating an intersection set between energy, economics, and the environment.

Our group has an international scope and has had a variety of projects in the US and Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and throughout Asia and the Pacific.

We also participate in the international energy community, sharing knowledge and insights via publications, editorial contributions and review, and a range of conferences and seminars. Insofar as these materials are public, we make them available here. Client work, however, is treated with utmost confidentiality and discretion, and is not discussed in these pages.