09 DECEMBER 2001



Dr. Nancy Yamaguchi - President and CEO
Dr. Yamaguchi is responsible for all major facets of company direction and policy. She is an expert on the international petroleum industry, including refining, product quality and blending, oxygenates and reformulated fuels, supply and demand, pricing and price differentials, and crude and product shipping. Her past positions included work with the
East-West Center and the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, and the California Energy Commission in Sacramento. She is a member of the Board for Hart Publications/Information Resources, Inc., a member of the Editorial Board for Octane Week, and a member of the World Fuels Group. She serves as a Contributing Editor for The International Journal of Hydrocarbon Engineering. She is a Director for FACTS, Inc. In Honolulu and Singapore.

Mr. Kevin Wheelock - Consultant
Mr. Wheelock is Trans-Energy's key consultant on software development, high-tech research, and computational physics. He specializes in the development of client- and project-specific software applications, and is currently developing a Windows-based linear program solver for the company. He was the lead programmer in developing report generator software for the US Department of Energy. His past positions have included work with chemical and high-technology laboratories and teaching college-level physics.

Mr. Ralph Nichols – Editor and Researcher
Mr. Nichols is an accomplished writer and editor, skilled in the effective communication of a wide variety of topics to diverse audiences. He is an award-winning reporter and copy writer, and he has covered such subjects as regional politics and history, resource management, energy and transportation, biotechnology, medicine and health care. He is also a specialist in multimedia presentations, and recently edited a series of life science articles for Microsoft's(tm) Encarta Encyclopedia(tm).